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06:19pm 06/05/2008
  so i have 11 tattoos... i had most of them done between 1995-97 when i was about 19..

two tattoos will not be posted.. one around my nipple and one that is a first tattoo of an apprenticing artist and doesnt need exposed.. its mine i love it and i knew he didnt know what he was doing... we are using that as a mark of beginnings or so to speak.. so here they are.. most of these are going on like 12 years old at this point..

oh and this is cross-posted a few places...

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Mum tribute tattoo 
05:53pm 19/02/2008
  my first post here thought i would post my finally finished tattoo

enjoy :)

My mum tribute tattoo is now finished :D its took a year altogether but its so been worth it look :D

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some eye candy and a plea for help! 
01:49pm 02/01/2008
  hello my lovelies!

i am hoping that you will see my ink and find it in your heart to help me... one teaser and the rest will be behind the cut:


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TATTOO ARTISTS UNITED! Breast Cancer Charity Art Show!!! 
02:41pm 29/10/2007
  October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the world's top artists have gotten together to put together one of the largest breast cancer charity benefit shows. Artists such as Filip Leu, Grez, Mike Rubendall, Shepard Fairey, Timothy Hoyer, Chris O'Donnell, Seth Wood, Mike Roper, Chris Conn, Banksy, Derek Hess, etc...

The 2007 SCT: Art for a Cure show was a huge success and artwork from the charity show is still available! Some of the world's top artists have contributed to this worthwhile cause, and now it's time to do your part:

2007 SCT: Art for a Cure show

Go check out the art show and purchase a piece of art, which will only appreciate in value over time *and* help 100% of sales go to Breast Cancer Charities. It's also your chance to purchase one-of-a-kind prints of each of the individuals calendar images (www.seulcontretous.net). So if you want to be the only person around with a copy of Sabina Kelley on a Bomb, or Amina Munster as a Pirate..this is your chance!

"Le Croix Rouge" by Chris Conn Askew

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2007 Seul Contre Tous Art Show 
11:00pm 18/09/2007
  Featuring top international artists from all over the world; tattooing, graffiti, fine art, etc...
The 2007 Seul Contre Tous Art Show will be donating all of its proceeds to Breast Cancer Foundations. It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the top names in "Outsider Art" together in one show, and all for a great cause!!! The paintings are also priced to sell, so it's a rare opportunity to actually afford fine art!!!

September 29th, 2007
Saved Gallery
#3 Hope Street
(corner of Hope & Roebling)
Brooklyn, NY 11237
Show opens at 7:00pm

It's free to come on out! And if you're not in the NY area, the entire show will be on www.seulcontretous.net

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12:31pm 09/08/2007
  if you've been tattooed in the oshawa area there's been a hep scare.

go get tested!

x-posted cause hep will kill ya

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2008 Seul Contre Tous: Art for a Cure Calendars - On Sale Now 
10:30am 13/07/2007

Item can be purchased via www.myspace.com/seulcontre, just click the "BUY" button below the cover of the calendar..

- Heavyweight Full-Color Gloss 12 month Calendar.

- Unique monthly images shot by celebrity photographer Dale May (www.dalemayphotography.com).

- Calendar months featured in English, Spanish, French.

- 5th spot color, gold-inked calendar grid.

- Each month features a different pinup image, showcasing some of the top names in their respective industry.

- Custom hand-painted flash images watermarked on the calendar grid, designed by world famous tattooer, Seth Wood.

- Proceeds to benefit Breast Cancer Research/Foundations.

- For the cost of a t-shirt, you can help make a difference in the lives of others.

*please note that item will ship the week of August 1st.

Check out Seul Contre Tous for information about the calendar, the models, the crew, and our 2007 Art Show.


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12:33pm 29/04/2007
  newest tattoo

feet tattoos

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new ink. 
01:49pm 08/04/2007
  I got a new tat yesterday =) im so happy with it. Its placed in my inner bicep lol

Xposted all over sorry

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Fetish/BDSM Event in Chicago - JAN 27th 
12:41am 25/01/2007
JAN 27th 2007


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11:51am 22/11/2006
  It is finally out!! I have the two page Hipshots section in the most recent issue of Skin&Ink (Feb. 2007). This is one of the pages, to see the other...get the mag! (really I am just too lazy to scan it..hehe). These were shot by April May and Caitlin Gustin...


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Today's new ink. 
06:57pm 25/10/2006
  My new macaw tattoos.  

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10:50am 08/08/2006
mood: chipper
Finishing my sleeve little by littleCollapse )

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09:47am 21/07/2006
mood: blank
I know nautical stars are so over done but heres mine anyway. I've since had the top star coloured in and eventually want different sized stars going from my right hip around my back up to my left shoulder.

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04:41pm 08/06/2006
  ruby tattoosCollapse )  

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05:10am 28/05/2006
  I hope no one minds if I promote a tattoo community.  No one said in the rules that I couldnt.. so here goes.....

This is a community specifically created for those with horror related tattoos. Like spook, terror and macabre? Have it on your body for life? This is for you!   Its a new community and needs all the love it can get.

JOIN horror_tats

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06:49pm 16/05/2006
  Hey all. April here. I'm 22, from Texas. 13 tattoos, nose and lip pierced, 8 in both ears. More pics of everything on my journal.


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01:17am 26/04/2006
  just joined, I'm mucho impressed with the ink here. I only have two tats as of yet but that's what happens when you're broke and can't make up your mind :)

anyway, onward ho!
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stomach tattoos on bigger girls? 
10:20pm 25/04/2006
mood: blank
This is a question toward the girlies sized 11/12 or over.

Any of you girls have tattoos on your stomach area? Would you ever get work done there? Is it hard for an artist to tattoo bellys with more fat on them?
I've seen tattoo artists have to stretch the skin out on skinny girls or have them lie down.

I'm thinking about getting a pair of something tattooed on each side, I don't have any stretchmarks on my belly and i don't intend on it getting bigger and just wanted others input too.

x-posted to tradtattoos

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