Dizzy Von Damn! (ms_olivia_wilde) wrote in tattooedbitches,
Dizzy Von Damn!

some eye candy and a plea for help!

hello my lovelies!

i am hoping that you will see my ink and find it in your heart to help me... one teaser and the rest will be behind the cut:

(sorry about the weird angle- it's hard to take a picture of your own ribs.)

and for the record: my face!

now here's my hope: you will think my tattoos are not shitty, and you will see the below pictures of me in costume.... (keep reading!)

and you will go here (it takes a minute only) and scroll down to the 10th row and vote for me... Dizzy Von Damn.

Please help this tattooed bitch make it to viva and show up all the other girls.

(if this is too off topic, mods please feel free to delete and accept my apologies!!!)
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thank you so much, for the kind words AND the vote!