xdawnxedgex (xdawnxedgex) wrote in tattooedbitches,

2008 Seul Contre Tous: Art for a Cure Calendars - On Sale Now

Item can be purchased via www.myspace.com/seulcontre, just click the "BUY" button below the cover of the calendar..

- Heavyweight Full-Color Gloss 12 month Calendar.

- Unique monthly images shot by celebrity photographer Dale May (www.dalemayphotography.com).

- Calendar months featured in English, Spanish, French.

- 5th spot color, gold-inked calendar grid.

- Each month features a different pinup image, showcasing some of the top names in their respective industry.

- Custom hand-painted flash images watermarked on the calendar grid, designed by world famous tattooer, Seth Wood.

- Proceeds to benefit Breast Cancer Research/Foundations.

- For the cost of a t-shirt, you can help make a difference in the lives of others.

*please note that item will ship the week of August 1st.

Check out Seul Contre Tous for information about the calendar, the models, the crew, and our 2007 Art Show.

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